Loveland, CO: Where Art & Science Meet

We are devoted to providing the creative sector current, valuable and relevant information to enhance local efforts. We provide an online avenue for potential visitors from all over the world to experience the wealth of cultural and innovative work being done here. Whether you are an arts collector, web designer, creative business owner or cultural tourist, this is the right place! Welcome to Loveland, Colorado – the Sculpture Capital of the United States and home to hundreds of artists, creative entrepreneurs and innovative businesses. The focus of this mid-sized community, located at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, is arts and innovation. The first community in the state to approve a 1% for-the-arts ordinance and a recipient of the Governor’s Art Award in 2008, Loveland also hosts the two largest outdoor sculpture shows in the country every summer.

There are four regional bronze foundries and dozens of bronze-related businesses. Painters, photographers, performers, musicians, writers, designers, architects, robotics engineers, clean energy companies and more fill the area with energy, beautiful and intriguing public works and -equally as important- a major economic impact.

Our creative sector in Loveland:

Provides more than 2400 jobs in a workforce of 33,000, nearly 8% of the overall workforce, which is 4x the national average and 2x the state average

  • Employees earn an average of $5,000 more per year than the average local employee
  • Totals $100 million in payroll dollars annually
  • Brings more than 125,000 attendees annually to arts-related events
  • Produces dozens of concerts, festivals and events programming annually for local and non-resident attendees
  • Includes dozens of high tech/intellectual property-based companies locating to and growing in the Loveland business community

As an arts-centered city, Loveland enjoys:

  • A 360-piece public art collection (193 bronze sculptures and 248 pieces on outdoor display) valued at nearly $8million
  • Sales at the sculpture shows that exceeded $1million in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011
  • The only K-12 arts-integrated curriculum in Colorado public schools
  • And much more…

There are also several major capital campaigns/projects currently in process:


ArtSpace signed a partnership with the City to construct affordable live/work space for 40 creatives and their families, slated to open in early 2014.

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge Project Construction is underway on a $4 million theater expansion and renovation of the historic Rialto Theater. This includes the addition of green room space, updates to the existing theater, a street-level restaurant and community programming space.

Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology/ Agilent Re-development Project

In December, 2010 a Space Act Agreement was signed between NASA and the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology. This agreement offers a direct conduit to NASA generated research and intellectual property. A feature of the agreement is the development of a manufacturing and innovation “park” which hosts companies in the aerospace and clean energy sectors. The City of Loveland submitted the campus as the premiere site for the project and in June it was officially announced.

During the summer, the City of Loveland assumed ownership, purchasing the property from Agilent for $5.5 million. The property was purchased with the intent to sell 170-acres of the campus with its five buildings encompassing 811,000 sq. ft. for business development. The City of Loveland would retain the undeveloped 140 acres adjacent to the Big Thompson River and City recreation trail as open space, and 128 shares of water rights.

Developer Cumberland & Western (C&W) from Bowling Green, Ky. was selected in October and signed a contract to purchase the 170-acre property. Their shared vision with the City is to bring high quality technology jobs back to the campus as soon as mid-2012. As December drew to a close, the purchase by C&W was finalized and the City can look forward to the start of redevelopment of the property as the home of a premiere innovation and technology business park.

The Office of Creative Sector Development:

The OCSD is the product of a community-wide stakeholder process. Residents and the City Council believe in, support and encourage the Creative Sector to grow and prosper. This support takes shape in a three-year commitment for staff and programming dedicated solely to the success of the Creative Sector.

The five main areas of focus are:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Branding and Marketing
  3. Education
  4. Infrastructure

An advisory board made up of local residents helps to guide the work. Our goals include retaining and adding jobs, increasing local attendance to events and adding to the sales tax base. We will do this through enhancing existing events and adding new discount codes, developing incentive plans for entrepreneurs and businesses, implementing national marketing campaigns, creating inventories of equipment, technology and partnership opportunities. Few cities are as committed to this sector as Loveland is. Whether you are a fine artist or an engineer, you will find a home here. If you are a visitor you will be inspired to come here.